Michael P. O'Hara – Killing Time


Killing Time by Mike O'Hara


About the author

Mike’s writing is inspired by the classic, and early science fiction shows like “The Twilight Zone” and the “The Outer Limits”. He greatly admired the uniqueness of their stories and the depth of their characters. Mike’s writing focuses on science fiction, AI, time travel, military and space history.

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About the book

Mike O’Hara’s first novel is a science fiction thriller that asks the question “what if” we had the ability to alter time?

During Hitler’s reign, the Third Reich undertook numerous initiatives to develop “wonder weapons” that would ensure a small country like Germany had every advantage it could to dominate the world.

“Projekt Töten Zeit” was a daring last resort attempt by Hitler and his top scientists to find a way to send a message back in time to the Fuhrer to fix the mistakes of the war. German scientists worked feverishly to the end without success as Germany fell to defeat in May of 1945.

After discovering the long lost project in a post-war archive, the Americans and the Russians raced to develop “Töten Zeit” into a weapon that could change history.

The trip across time is a story of triumph and tragedy, and of love and betrayal. Two Americans land in World War II Germany in an attempt to protect America’s future and its past, only to find that time itself is the real enemy.